50 Life Changing Operations in Gambia

Humanity First's Medical UK specialist dental team will be travelling to Gambia this November 2017 at their own expense to carry our much needed medical procedures including maxillofacial surgery. They are able to carry out 50 life-changing operations, the local costs that cover medication operating charges and aftercare are £300 pounds per operation Humanity First need your support to carry these out.

One example of the last visit was that the team operated on a local Gambian man with an enlarged tumour covering the entire side of his face. He was outcasted by the community and even his family as they believed he was cursed. After a 4 hour operation, the team managed to remove the tumour bringing his face back to normality, this essential life-changing procedure has transformed his life.

The focus on this visit will be vascular surgery, oral medicine and surgery, neonatal intensive care training, pre-hospital care, medical education, infrastructure, and community dental care.

The team will be based in Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul and the Ahmadiyya hospital in Talinding, whilst the Psychiatry services will be based in Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital. We will focus on first line A&E, Psychiatry, surgical services, infrastructure and education. The HF medical team will continue to work closely with our colleagues in Banjul working to develop a robust clinical governance system in the hospital.

This mamoth task of saving lives requires funding which can only be generated with your donations. Please do try and support our trip this November and help us reach our target of 50 Life Changing operations.

Whilst it is our intention that your donation will be used to fund this relief effort, if monies raised exceed funding requirements for this relief effort or if we conclude for any other reason that it is not possible for monies to be spent effectively for this relief effort, Humanity First will use all or part of your donation to help us respond to other needs within our programme portfolio.

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