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Humanity First Disaster Relief team arrives in Gorontalo on the first leg of its journey to Palu

Situation Report 05/10/2018

After the devastating earthquake on 28th of September 2018 with a Magnitude of 7.5 which hit the Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, Humanity First

Indonesia working in close coordination with the authorities and the numerous NGO’s has mobilised its Disaster Relief team.


Current reports as of 4th October indicate:

1424 official deaths

70,821 people displaced

2,549 major injuries

66,238 houses damaged

(Source Indonesia National Disaster Management Authority, BNPB)


A 6-person HF team left from Jakarta 05.10.18 05:00 (GMT+7) and arrived in Gorontalo 12:00 (GMT+7).

Between the team they carried 254kg supplies which included: - 

·         Tents

·         Solar power equipment

·         Batteries

·         Cooking utensils

·         Food. (Food prices are currently inflated in Palu as expected).

Humanity First team en-route from Jakarta to Gorontalo

The 6-person HF team from Gorontalo have joined the Jakarta team, increasing the team to 12. They are currently preparing for their 20 hour road journey to Palu. They will travel in 3 vehicles loaded with a generator and additional food items purchased from Gorontalo to help increase the running kitchen capacity. 

Humanity First Jakarta teams joins Gorontalo team

They are expected to depart for Palu at 18:00 (GMT+7) accompanied by a 3 man Military escort for the safety of the team as they will drive along affected areas where looting has previously been reported.

Affected cities in Sulawesi Island – Courtesy of Google maps

ASEAN (Association of South Eastern Nations) Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ERAT) Assessment Report pictures

Residential Building in Palu City

Road leading into Palu City

Residential Neighbourhood in Palu City

  • Once the Humanity First team arrive in Palu they will join the existing HF ground team of 5 members who are currently being led by Mr M. Arief

They are expecting to be able to increase the flow of reporting once they arrive using the resources they have, pending local power issues.

Humanity First has launched an urgent appeal to help the people of Indonesia.

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Note that these figures may increase in due course as assessment continues.

Data Reference: AHA Centre, BNPB Indonesia, UNICEF, AFP, AP.

Pictures are taken from ASEAN (Association of South Eastern Nations) Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ERAT) Assessment Report