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Humanity First Disaster Relief team arrives in Palu

Update 08/10/2018

After the devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Sulawesi Island in Indonesia on the 28th of September 2018, Humanity First Indonesia mobilised its Disaster Relief team who have now arrived in Palu, Central Sulawesi Province.  Humanity First Indonesia are working in close coordination with the authorities and numerous NGO’s.


The 12 member team arrived at 2200 (GMT +7) on 6th October 2018, after a 20 hour drive from Gorontalo. The now 17 member team consisting of Doctors, Homeopaths and Disaster Management Co-ordinators have set up a Base Camp at AMJ centre in Bulupontu village South of Palu.


The team members have attended their first BNPB meeting (Indonesian National Disaster Management Board) in the Sigi district and will also attend the Palu BNPB meeting as part of ongoing assessments. Basic health assessments and treatments for patients are being carried out by the medical team and food packs are being prepared using supplies brought along from Jakarta & Gorontalo, to be distributed amongst local residents.


Extensive assessments will continue over next few days to propose short term & long term programme plans.


Current reports as of 7th October indicate:

1,763 official deaths

62,659 people displaced

2,632 major injuries

66,927 houses damaged

(Source: The AHA Centre)


Humanity First Indonesia were interviewed by the Indonesian National News Agency –


The Ahmadiyya Community through its humanitarian organisation, Humanity First has deployed a number of volunteers to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Central Sulawesi.

The Chairman of Humanity First Indonesia, Kandali Achmad Lubis said, Humanity First will be providing vital humanitarian assistance for at least a month in Palu.

"Humanity First's volunteers helping with the Disaster Relief consist of local, regional and national teams, which include medical personnel, Dr. Raden Hari Muhsin and Dr. Anna Maria Suciaty who are providing Emergency Medical Treatment." Kandali said in his statement on Sunday (7/10). 

He continued to say that even though it has only been less than a day since the team arrived in Palu, Humanity First had started conducting health checks, distributed staple foods, and sought water supplies for the local population as this is now the most immediate need and the focus for Humanity First.

Humanity First has launched an urgent appeal to help the people of Indonesia.

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Note that these figures may increase in due course as assessment continues.

Data Reference: AHA Centre, BNPB Indonesia, UNICEF, AFP, AP.

Pictures are taken from ASEAN (Association of South Eastern Nations) Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ERAT) Assessment Report