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Sulawesi Province in Indonesia hit by 7.5M earthquake triggering a Tsunami

Situation report 03/10/2018

A 7.5M hit the City of Palu and Dongbala at a depth of 10KM which followed by a Tsumani. Thousands of Indonesians have been affected and the true picture of the devastation may not be known for sometime. 


A fourth night has been spent for many thousands bracing the elements with no roof over their heads, no food or access to clean water.


Humanity First Indonesia are sending a 5 person team including  two Doctors to the affected area to join their representative in Palu


Accessibility is severely restricted with intermittent flights, about one per day in or out of Palu. Power is also cut in Palu and coupled with fuel shortages all combine to severely hamper the aid efforts.


Current reports indicate:

Over 1200 Dead

Estimated 2.4M affected

Over 48000 Displaced

Over 640 Injured


The situation for tens of thousands of people including children remains extremely precarious in the days ahead. The victims in Palu, Donggala and other affected areas in Sulawesi need urgent help. Many have lost their loved ones, homes and neighbourhoods.


Aid Agencies are looking to assist by providing:

- Tents

- Food

- Water

- Medical assistance


Humanity First has launched an urgent appeal to help the people of Indonesia.

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