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Institute for Special Education Rabwah

Institute For Special Education Rabwah (ISER) established in 2013 is a special needs school run by Nazarat Taleem (Directorate of Education) Sadar Anjuman Ahmaddiya Rabwah, Pakistan. The main objective of our institute is to create wholeness for children and youth with intellectual, developmental & physical disabilities through education and therapy so that the students can thrive both socially & academically. The school aims to raise public awareness of the care and education available to people with special needs & targets to promote a culture of acceptance, integration and social responsibility towards people with special needs in the community.

We cater to all kinds of disabilities at the school. Right now we have 114 kids with the following disabilities attending the school regularly. Presently 35 faculty members are serving in the institution, which includes special needs experts, psychology and fine arts graduates, a sports teacher, 2 qualified physiotherapist, vocational teacher, Arts & crafts teacher, a speech therapist and a medical nurse.