Humanity First is an international aid agency that provides aid and assistance to those in need irrespective of race, religion or politics from registered offices now in 53 countries. HF have been working on projects in 53 countries across 6 continents.

Water for Life

Knowledge For Life


Too many children in the poorer parts of the world lack education, and their education facilities lack resources.

Humanity First has been building and, in some cases, running schools in The Gambia, Pakistan and Sierra Leone. Humanity First has also been providing education resources to schools and poorer students in Haiti, Macedonia, Sao Tome, Uganda, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Benin and many other countries.

Our high school in Yundum in The Gambia is already in the Top 5 in the country on the basis of exam results, and caters for 837 students of whom 454 are boys and 383 are girls.


Most schools in Africa lack books and most often do not have any kind of library facilities. Humanity First has started a programme to provide access to good quality libraries and science laboratories across Africa. Already, reference books in English across a range of subjects have been shipped out to schools in Sierra Leone and The Gambia covering a number of secondary schools.Many schools and universities in the UK are supporting this project, and institutions in France and Mauritius have been approached to provide books in French for the many Francophone countries in Africa.

Science Laboratories

Science laboratory equipment is also almost non-existent in most of these schools. Humanity First is shipping out a pack of science equipment to schools in order to provide a practical science education to children.