Humanity First is an international aid agency that provides aid and assistance to those in need irrespective of race, religion or politics from registered offices now in 52 countries. HF have been working on projects in 51 countries across 6 continents.

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2015 UK Floods

Disaster Relief

In November and December 2015, a series of storms struck northern England and Scotland leaving tens of thousands of homes flooded and damaged, and much of the local infrastructure such as bridges and roads impacted. HF worked with over 350 volunteers from AMYA UK to assist affected communities in Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire, and also collaborated with Serve On and various local Church and community groups.. Teams were involved in erecting flood defences, doing clear up activity in damaged homes and businesses, provided emergency rations for the vulnerable, particularly families with young children and elderly. 

Over that period, 350 volunteers worked 7,400 hours in 38 locations, and over 10,000 people were assisted.